• Memory & CPU

    In the case of services pending, you may need more memory. For Kubernetes on Docker Desktop, set your memory to at least 4 GB. Set your CPUs to 3.

  • Port collision

    In case of any port collisions, users can modify the following properties in helm file (platform-services/values.yaml).

  • ingress.hosts[].paths[].port - To change UI port

  • oc-collector.service.ports[].targetPort - To change collector ports

  • General issues

    In case of any issue, install hypertrace in debug mode to get more logs and traces to identify the rootcause.

  • Set HT_ENABLE_DEBUG to true in ./config/hypertrace.properties

  • Debug bash -x ./hypertrace.sh install

  • Error: release hypertrace-data-services failed, and has been uninstalled due to atomic being set: timed out waiting for the condition

    Installation failed due to timeout. May be due to slower connection to pull the hypertrace docker images. Increase timeout configuration INSTALL_TIMEOUT in config/hypertrace.properties

    If the problem persists even after sufficient timeout, check if some services in hung pending state for long. This is a known docker issue . Issues gets fixed by rebooting Docker desktop and reinstalling hypertrace.

     $ kubectl get services --context=docker-desktop --namespace=hypertrace
    NAME                         TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                                                          AGE
    attribute-service            ClusterIP   <none>        9012/TCP                                                         5m14s
    bootstrap                    ClusterIP     <none>        9092/TCP                                                         8m32s
    entity-service               ClusterIP    <none>        50061/TCP                                                        5m14s
    gateway-service              ClusterIP    <none>        50071/TCP                                                        5m14s
    hypertrace-graphql-service   ClusterIP    <none>        23431/TCP                                                        5m14s
    hypertrace-oc-collector      LoadBalancer   <pending>     55678:32553/TCP,14268:32604/TCP,14267:30295/TCP,9411:32753/TCP   5m14s
    hypertrace-ui                LoadBalancer    <pending>     80:32631/TCP                                                     5m14s
    kafka-broker                 ClusterIP      None             <none>        9092/TCP                                                         8m33s
    pinot-controller             ClusterIP      None             <none>        2020/TCP                                                         8m33s
    pinot-servicemanager         ClusterIP      None             <none>        2020/TCP,8098/TCP,8099/TCP                                       8m33s
    pinot-servicemanager-svc     ClusterIP     <none>        2020/TCP,8098/TCP,8099/TCP                                       8m33s
    query-service                ClusterIP    <none>        8090/TCP                                                         5m14s
    schema-registry-service      ClusterIP    <none>        8081/TCP                                                         8m33s
    zookeeper                    ClusterIP   <none>        2181/TCP                                                         8m33s
    zookeeper-headless           ClusterIP      None             <none>        2888/TCP,3888/TCP                                                8m33s