Developed by Traceable as a highly scalable distributed tracing platform, Hypertrace collects rich, granular production application usage data and trains machine learning algorithms for Traceable’s cloud-native application security platform. ‍ Realizing that Hypertrace was a powerful standalone tracing and observability platform, Traceable created this open project for the software development community to use with their applications.

If you are already using a tracing system, you can start using Hypertrace today. Hypertrace accepts all major data formats: Jaeger, OpenTracing, Zipkin, you name it. Even if you aren’t tracing yet, we have a bunch of sample apps you can start with.


We have an active Slack channel full of excited people to answer your Distributed Tracing and Hypertrace questions. Get your Slack invitation here.


Being an open project, our source code is available under Hypertrace organization on GitHub. We welcome contributions from everyone to make Hypertrace a best open source tracing platform in the galaxy.


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