Getting started with Hypertrace using AMI

  1. Go to AWS EC2 console and click on launch instance.

    • Search for Hypertrace and click on Hypertrace AMI.
    • Go with default configurartions on Instance Details page and add storage page.
    • In security group settings, you can only open nodeport and other ports which you want to access after checking in instance or for now you can go with all TCP ports open (which is not recommended in security perspective but considering this is test instance you can do that if you want.)
    • Click on Review and launch
  2. Once your instance is ready, click on a connect button on the dashboard and follow the instructions to SSH into your instance.
  3. The instace you just setup is a Ubuntu VM running Hypertrace on Microk8s.
  4. Run kubectl get services -n hypertrace
  5. Look for the hypertrace UI service.
  6. Look for the port of UI service which will be 5 digits (9000:30332 in this case 30332)
  7. Find your EC2 instance IP from console and go to Instance IP: Port to see UI