What is Hypertrace?

Hypertrace is a highly scalable distributed tracing and observability platform designed to ingest and analyze large volumes of production trace data. OpenTelemetry-based agents collect and send observability data directly from applications to Hypertrace for analysis. Data visualizations, reports, and dashboards are available in a web-based console to assist in monitoring cloud-native applications and resolving application and service performance problems.

What is Distributed Tracing?

Distributed Tracing ! Distributed tracing, also called distributed request tracing, is particularly well-suited to debugging and monitoring modern distributed software architectures, such as microservices. It helps pinpoint where failures occur and what causes sub-optimal performance.

Distributed tracing is the idea of tracing a network request as it travels through your services, as it would be in a microservices-based architecture. One of the main reason you may want to do this is to troubleshoot or monitor the latency of a request as it travels through the different services.

Distributed tracing requires the software developers to add instrumentation to the code of an application. That instrumentation provides information so that the administrator can analyze performance and the developer can debug the operations of complex software.

Who created Hypertrace?

Hypertrace was originally developed by Traceable as a highly scalable distributed tracing platform. It collects rich, granular production application usage data and trains machine learning algorithms for Traceable’s cloud-native application security platform. ‍ Realizing that Hypertrace was a powerful standalone tracing and observability platform, Traceable created this open project for the software development community to use in their applications.

Can we run Hypertrace on any cloud platforms?

Yes! We support cloud as well as local deployments. You can read more about deployments here.

What changes do I need to make in my application if I am already using Jaeger, Zipkin or OpenTelemetry?

The best part in getting started with Hypertrace is that it's really quick! If you are already using a tracing system, you can start today. Hypertrace accepts all major data formats: Jaeger, OpenTracing, Zipkin, you name it. Even if you aren’t tracing yet, we have a bunch of sample apps you can start with, and a chat room of excited people who want to meet you. If you want to get quickly started with one of our sample app please visit our quick-start guide.

What software license does Hypertrace use?

Hypertrace is two components: Hypertrace Core, including the data collection agents, is licenced under the Apache 2.0 open source license. Hypertrace Community Edition, which is built on top of Hypertrace Core, is licenced under the Traceable Community source available license. You'll find many details in the Hypertrace licensing page.